Emergency COVID Testing

Altoona Location
(814) 201-5266
Philipsburg Location
(814) 342-2333

Nasal Swab Testing

The nasal swab tests are performed for active infection for Covid-19. PCR testing is used to provide very accurate results to let you know if you are currently infected with the coronavirus. If you have a referral from your Primary Care Provider, we can bill your insurance. If you do not have a referral, you can schedule an appointment with one of our providers to receive a referral so that we may bill your insurance. Or without a referral, you can pay out of pocket. Self pay rate: $125. Group rates available upon request. Call our office with any questions on the referral process or to schedule an appointment. Results for this test are available in 24 to 48 hours.


Covid-19 Saliva Test

WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE CARING HEALTHCARE NETWORK NOW OFFERS SALIVA TESTING WITH RESULTS IN JUST 48 HOURS (and in most cases 24 HOURS). Most insurances will cover this testing. Self pay rate: $125. Group rates available upon request. Call for more information. This test can be administered to children and adults who believe they are currently infected with covid-19. If you do not have a primary care provider to write you a referral, we have immediate Telehealth appointments available with one of our providers.


Do You Need To Get A Covid Test?

Prospective patients are encouraged to review this information to familiarize themselves with the process and what to expect.

Covid Vaccine

The Caring Healthcare Network now offers the Moderna Vaccine for Covid-19.  Vaccines are given by appointment only.  If you would like more information please call our office to schedule a consultation with us.


Do I need an appointment for Covid-19 testing?

At The Caring Healthcare Network, no appointment is necessary for Covid-19 testing if you register online. After registering online, you can come to the office between the hours of 8am and 3pm, Monday – Friday, to have the your Covid-19 test administered.


When will I receive my Covid-19 test results?

If test is done prior to 2pm usually the results should be done between 5pm and 7pm the same day.  However, circumstances can occur at the LAB that could delay test results.


How much does the Covid-19 test cost?

If we are NOT billing your insurance, out of pocket expense is $125.00. If you have a referral and we bill your insurance, check with your insurance carrier about their Covid-19 test payment policy.


What is the website for Covid Testing?

The website is https://chn.mytests.io/#/ Please note the codes you will need to register: PBURG for Philipsburg or CHNALTOONA for the Altoona location.

Please review the information provided here:

COVID Testing

We offer Saliva and Nasal Swab testing for COVID-19 and its variants. Please note the codes you will need when scheduling your test. PBURG for Phillipsburg or CHNALTOONA for the Altoona location.

The Caring Healthcare Network now offers the Moderna Vaccine.

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